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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

UPA Working To Create Economic And Social Basket Country

Destructive economic and social policy making has become an art form for Congress I.

Former Congress I Prime Minister Indira Gandhi destroyed the post-independence budding India economy by stealing private property and usurping the private economy for two decades starting in 1968. Some Congress I apologists explain this destruction: she created the global socialist temple to fight the communists. I am not sure how one can fight stupidity by becoming stupid.

Now, before the private sector has found it footing, the same person who opened the door for private sector to prosper, in some parts of the economy anyway, decade and half ago, is trying to destroy it. The current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants private sector job quotes based on caste. Performance be damned - caste is what matters. So much for prepping for globalization and intense competition with East Asia and U.S. in the coming decades. Congress I delivers a noose to hang the country’s economy again.

Going further, even before PM Singh proposal for new private sector job quotes is digested by rational countrymen, Congress I lead UPA comes up with an ever better plan - this time it wants to destroy the social fabric of India and slowly tear the secular republic constitution apart.

It wants to distribute the social program funds based on religion according to religious population proportions. According to Indian Express editorial:

Keep your calculators out. The Central government is all set to deliver social justice via fractions. In case wiser counsel by the law ministry truly does not prevail, the UPA will go ahead with an absurd plan to allocate funding in key social sector programmes for the minorities in proportion to their share of the population, in the country and in specific states depending on the modalities of different schemes. (IE)

One wonders which idiot comes up with these plans? But it doesn't take a huge leap of imagination to come with this latest dumb social proposal. Caste based education reservations and government job quotes have been in existence, and expanding, for decades. Congress I is just pushing the envelope a bit more.

Instead of pushing for less reservations and quotes and enabling more equal opportunity for all Indian citizens in education and jobs, and preparing the economy for an ultra competitive 21st century, Congress I and its fellow Communists are spending their five years in power to tear the country into sub groups with pre-established quotas based on religion and caste, in all fields, and transforming India into a global basket case economically and socially.