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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Tyranny In The Neighbourhood

The brutal Maoist’s leader in Nepal, Prachanda, has full control over the unfolding political situation in Nepal. The current parliament invited to form the government, by the King Gyanendra, elected a dying ineffective 85-year old former PM. There is no political strategy from the elected representatives other than bending over backwards to accommodate the Maoists killing force while savaging Nepalese Army, police and security forces.

United We Blog (via The Acorn) details what Prachanda is up to with the help of Indian communist parties and how ineffective the traditional political parties are been to take the lead on the future of Nepal.

The Acorn thinks India and Indian Army should play a role stabilizing Nepal. I doubt that's going to happen.

With the communists hold on Manmohan's government, India would do nothing to upset the rise of Nepalese Maoists - apparently they are part of the political process and we (along with US and UK) helped their revolutionary cause. If pushed too hard, the Maoists, learning from our Bangladeshi friends, will most likely say, after taking the hundreds of millions of dollars that Manmohan is doling out, that India is the big bully in the neighbourhood to cover up what would be at least a generation of tyrannical rule in Nepal. China will have another client state in South Asia. Pakistani Islamic jihadists will have another haven to attack India from. And the Indian and western media will be rooting for the never ending revolutionary cause.

If Bangladesh falls into Islamic rule, won't South Asia be a wonderful place - five tyrannies in the nieghbourhood to the east, north, and west!