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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Has the Betrayal begun?

Manmohan's strategy to transfer Kashmir Valley to Pakistan seems to have begun.

Indian Foreign policy as gone the American way.

Could it be possible that Manmohan Singh is playing the Muslim card for Indian elections? Could he be saying, “See we can do business with Islamic Pakistan even if it terrorizes us?” That’s probably a cynical view. The reality is probably simpler, more shameful, and dangerous.

Little over two months after 200 people terror carnage in Mumbai and less than a week after latest terror bombing, Manmohan shook hands with General Musharraf for 14 seconds – laughing and looking pleased.

It is abundantly clear that the current Indian foreign policy as gone the American way. The significance of Richard Boucher’s visit few weeks ago is apparent now (after Mumbai attacks). The Indian establishment has bought into American establishment story about Pakistan – that General Mush and Pak’s army are the good guys and are actually fighting the Islamic jihadis waging terror war against India.

"Significantly, it has been agreed to put in place “an India-Pakistan anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations.” Link

Manmohan has bought into the Euro-liberal view that nation-state and borders are irrelvent and artificial division of cultures and religions needs to be wiped out. While the Europeans are under assault from terrorizing Islamists and are stuck like deer frozen by an approaching car headlights, facing a near certain dead, Indians cannot afford to play the same games with their national security.

Here is what the Prime Minister of India said at Non-Aligned Summit at Havana, where he met the general.

“Today we again confront the danger of the world being split along an artificially created cultural and religious divide. The NAM, encompassing as it does, every religion professed by mankind, every ethnic group and ideological persuasion, is uniquely placed today, once again, to play the role of a bridge of understanding,” said Singh. Link

Expect Manmohan to announce open J&K borders with terrorizing Pakistan with hundreds of jihadis waiting on other side of the border. Here is how it will potentially play out: transfer of power to administer J&K to some kind of tri-representation from Pak, J&K (Pak agents in Kashmir, that is), and India soon; complete transfer of power to Pakistan at a later date in decade or so. The strategy for Pakistani take over is set – implementation will take time. Patient Pakistanis will do anything to make it a dream of taking J&K, especially Kashmir valley, from India. They can wait a few decades – after all they waited six decades.

The greatest Bharata betrayal has begun. With the joint terror investigation announcement, the perpetrators and investigators are now one and the same. We are in for a big troubled future. Lot of Indian soldiers and civilians will die before Manmohan’s current foreign policy will come it’s logical conclusion.

Update: B. Raman writes an amazing column in Rediff about Dr. Singh's Stockholm Syndrome. It clearly shows Indian establishment has bought into US establishment tale on General Mush - Indian PM is even using the same defensive statements.

"He is reported to have pointed out to the Indian journalists accompanying him to Havana that Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorism.

What is he trying to indicate to the Indian people by this remark? That they should not be too harsh in judging the general. That the general is not that malign as he is perceived by the Indian people to be. That they should give him the benefit of doubt. That they should accept his offer of cooperation with India by setting up a joint anti-terrorism cooperation mechanism."

And he gives up throwing up his hands, thus -

"God save this country and its men, women and children from the the jihadi terrorists. Since our prime minister has let us down, what else can we do?"


Apun Ka Desh said...

This is what UPA/Congress has done during much of it's governance of India. Its all vote bank Politics. Sometimes its reservations, othertimes useless sloganeering - Garibi Hatao.. where is real work?

Why do all such problems crop up when these guys are at the helm.