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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Schizophrenic Manmohan

Make a deal and then complain to others about partners in terror!

Manmohan shook the general's hand for 14 seconds little over a month after one of the deadliest terror attack in India and proposed that India and Pak's ISI work together to solve mysteries on the terror attacks on India (apparently the doctor doesn’t have any imagination). Pak's Mush was probably not sure what was going on but went along with it - as liars usually do until it is time to disown a commitment. The brilliant idea of partnership in terror investigation was the end result of brains at PMO following Manmohan's call for thinking outside the box about Pak and Pak's terror in J&K and the rest of the country.

With few days after the long shake hand with the liar, Indian investigators had proof that the apparent partner planned, funded, and executed the terror attack that killed 200 and injured 600 in Mumbai. With which partner should Manmohan's government investigate?

Pak ISI and its army spokesperson denied it - they would know - and said they will help us investigate (presumably to identify Indians investigative techniques) but won't hand over anyone (presumably they know exactly who initiated the terror attack).

After getting the usual shaft from the partners in peace (and in terror), Manmohan says he complained to the US and to EU!

A seven-year boy will have more brainpower to tackle his bullies then the stupid and gullible Doctor and his team at the PMO.

So much for thinking outside the box!


Apun Ka Desh said...

But what else do you expect, with Sonia Gandhi at the helm.

And communists opposed to the very idea of progress.

Don't we have a tradition of always throwing away our advantages.