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Friday, November 10, 2006

Is India-US Nuclear Deal as Good as Dead?

After Democratic Party swept US Congress and got a bear minimum majority in senate, I started to wonder about India-US Nuclear Deal. While most democrats are close supporters of India and want close relationship with India, they also champion, the now defunct, NPT. Many pro-NPT analysts (NPT ayatollahs) have made the case that India-US nuclear deal will pretty much kill the NPT and encourage other nations to pursue nuclear weapons. These ayatollahs got sympathetic ear from democrats.

Will Harry Reid, recent minority, but now majority, senate leader, who expressed reservations about the deal when the senate tried to pass it few months ago after the house passed the bill, kill it?

From post-election news reports it is clear that Bush top foreign policy priority, beyound Iraq, is India's nuclear deal. If democrats want a confrontation with Bush on foreign policy I doubt they would have it over India. There will be calls for change to the deal and may be outright opposition to it from some senators. The senate democratic leadership could put some poison pills to kill the deal. But senior democrat senators with foreign policy experience, like Joseph Biden, have endorsed the deal. If most democrat and republican senators prevail, and I think they will, the deal will be passed some time early next year without any changes.


Apun Ka Desh said...

If it doesn't go through in their last session (lame duck or some such thing they call it) - the whole process will begin again next year !