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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CM as Chief Manipulator

When intelligence came in March of 2007 that six kgs of military grade explosives came to Hyderabad by terror handlers, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, whose primary job is to provide security to the people of the state, was calculating the risk of losing some votes in an election long time from now. With a 5% reservations for Muslims in the state by amending the state constitution, after repeated rebuff from the state high court, under constant pressure from the terror sympathizing parties like MIM, which support the ruling Congress I party, YSR Reddy thought he had the Muslim votes sealed. Sure many will vote for MIM, but Congress I will get the spoils.

Day after terror attacks YSR (second from left) seen laughing enjoying
himself with his fellow Congress I coterie (Barbad Katte via Acorn)

So the intelligence input was ignored and the police were asked to stand down. Terrorists were by and large Muslims, and so no terrorists, i.e, no Muslims, will be pursued. Then came the Mecca Masjid bombing in May. RDX and mobile phone controlled precision IED was used. Some Muslims went on a short riot. But mostly masjid personnel didn't want the police to do anything. They didn't provide much help. They would with deal the bombing on their own. CM had nothing to do. No extra vigilance. No extra security was put in place. The standard explanation was we don't know who did it. Terrorists were by and large Muslims, and so no terrorists, i.e, no Muslims, will be pursued.

No tough questions were asked by the apparent secular national media that likes to count bodies based on religious affiliation.

The disowned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin was attacked at a book ceremony of her book translation into Telugu. Local news media personnel protected the writer. The police did little with their hands tied. The attackers were from MIM party, supporters of Congress I in power. The police knew who they were dealing with. They can't protect innocent victims because they had standing orders.

Indian intelligence has known since March 2007 that eight kilogrammes of military-grade explosive were delivered to an HuJI operative in Hyderabad. However, for its own reasons, the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh did not allow the kinds of aggressive — and unpopular — policing that the Central Bureau of Investigation and city police felt were necessary to secure the city. Neither during the recent communal incidents nor in response to the attack on Taslima Nasrin by fundamentalist thugs did the government demonstrate the kind of even-handed political and administrative resolve needed to address the deep communal strains in Hyderabad. It is true that successive governments have failed on this count since 1993, when the first Lashkar-e-Taiba terror module formed in the city. This makes the latest inaction all the more inexcusable. [Resurgent terror, wider implications - The Hindu]

The terrorists, instead of going away like the CM dreamed, set of a series of bombs in crowed market places and parks using that military grade explosives and mobile phone precision IED that they perfected at Mecca Masjid bombing three months prior. They killed 43 people and maimed 51. Now the chief manipulator wants to explain away. Within hours of explosion, the CM talks of Bangladeshi terrorists working with Pakistani terrorists. That to deflect question about local terror support structure that formed under his very nose. And to provide a mask for terror sympathizer supports like MIM - his friends and allies in power.

Dr. Reddy declined to give details of the investigation, merely saying that this “dastardly attack against humanity” had similarities with the May 18 blast in Mecca Masjid (in which HuJI operatives were suspected to have links). Denying that there was intelligence failure, he said the police could not be blamed for not foiling a plot hatched in a neighbouring country, but executed here. [External forces behind Hyderabad blasts - The Hindu]

The chief minister is not just a chief manipulator but also facilitated the terror and mayhem just like the local terror infrastructure that made the bombs, planned the attacks, and killed scores of people. CM was part of the terror infrastructure.