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Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore's Nobel "Peace" Prize With a Twist

As widely expected and predicted, with resignation, Al Gore got the Nobel Peace prize. But the Noble committee, the political animal it is, added a twist. It including U.N. Climate Panel as the recipient also. This is UN's second prize in six years? Apparently UN has become a very effective organization. Granted most of the panel members were climate scientists and policy wonks. It should have been just these guys who got the "peace" prize. But they are just to cover the committee's behind when it made the decision to give the prize to Al Gore.

A British judge seems to agree that Gore's movie was made up and that it can be shown to British children only with a caveat that it's a one-sided view. Gore answer apparently was, "I made up 1000s of issues in the movie but the judge thought only nine issues were conflicting," so the movie is game. I'm kidding about the 1000 issues, of course. Washingtonpost.com's Fact Checker has related post on this issue - the nine serious errors in Gore's movie, and has other links on the post.

May be Al Gore will jump into US presidential race and take the hard left-wingers with him spliting the Democratic party, although Gore himself is not an extreme left-winger, except when it comes to environmental issues. At the moment Hillary Clinton is leading Democratic nomination by a wide margin. With potential split, may be Republicans will retain the presidency despite the Iraqi quagmire.