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Friday, November 02, 2007

Communists Restate the Obvious

Our brain dead communists have come out the closet again, for the nth time. Few weeks ago they denied their opposition to India's 123 Nuclear Agreement with US had anything to do with China. Now the picture becomes more clear.

He [CPM general secretary Prakash Karat] said that the sole strategy of the US was to capture the Indian market. And why does US wish to “capture” the Indian market? “Because China will be equal to the US in terms of economy and growth by the middle of this century,” Karat said, “so China has to be encircled.” He said the US was trying to make India its strategic ally to counter China, “the most powerful socialist country capable of challenging the might of the USA”.

He said the Government is aware of this “US hegemony” but prefers to remain silent.[US and India will corner China - IE]

The government wants to be silent may be because it wants to be part of the hegemon rather be a pawn in the global hegemony game. And in case Karat hasn't noticed the Chinese market is being "cornered" by America (companies, that is) and the Chinese are no longer Marxists socialists but dictatorial free marketeers.

To put it another way, Bharatiya communists are saying we care more about the future and security of China rather then Bharat's.