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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Harkishan Singh Surjeet Dead at Age 92 - Time of Hope

Few weeks ago the communists of Bharat lost their grip on power. Soon came signs that they may not partner with leftist Congress I again anytime soon. They surely will not partner with BJP. So the country is safe from communist grab for power, however convolved, at least for another decade or longer.

In another good news, communist leader Harkishan Singh Surjeet died Friday at a ripe age of 92. We are told he was a master tactician in politics and loved the poor. Even if we ignore how a thinking normal human being can be a Marxist, one has to wonder what Surjeet's eulogies mean. He was master tactician to do what? To somehow keep communists relevant in national politics when they should have bit the dust decades ago. He surely was not a patriot and he surely did not care about the nation's history or its future. He loved the poor so much that he wanted to create more of them. And surely, he, along with others of his ideology, have kept the country's poverty persistent for a few more generations then necessary. Such is the relevance of Harkishan Singh Surjeet.

Apparently he is one of the last to die - there is still another Marxist non-patriot, Jyoti Basu, alive and well. But the impact these ignorant fools, who had plenty of say in the way economic policy evolved since independence, can have is diminishing. Lucky for the poor. Lucky for the country.

One wonders why God had to punish the country for so long by keeping Harkishan Singh Surjeet alive into his nineties.


Anonymous said...

Get a grip man. I hate the communism as much as you do, but one trait of the civil society that we live in to respect the deceased. Criticising Surjeet is OK, gloating over his death is not.

Photonman said...

I agree with Anonymous. Remember that we are ideologues too at some level. So long as a person doesn't violate the law, he is entitled to believe in whatever ideology he pleases. That's democracy.

Welcoming the death of a rival ideologue also shows your (our) ideology in bad light.

Chandra said...

I did view H.S. Surjeet death in ideological terms and I surely have nothing to gloat about. But I see, and concede, your points.

crazybunka said...

Simple and blunt, I liked it.
And, its not as if you encouraged someone to get him killed.

Especially when people are expected to be politically right pussies.

Like some of these overzealous religious athletes, praising God when they win, but failing to mention a word about God when they lose.Hypocrites.


Anonymous said...


well said. HS Surjeet is among the many commies who betrayed the Quit India movement and became paid informers of the Brits at that time. Which is why the real revolutionaries of those WW2 years, the Socialists notably, JP and Achyut Patwardhan, treated the commies with great contempt. While the Congress leaders simply went to jail, quite a few socialists were bumped off or at best tortured. After independence the history of the commies is one long litany of betrayal, and stupidity for which India continues to pay a dear price. EMS carved out a Muslim majority district in Kerala setting the communalism ball rolling, the commies' bootlicking of the Chinese is too well known to be recounted. HSS loved the poor but kept his riches for himself. His grandson's wedding was celebrated in pomp and glory at the Mohali Stadium a few years ago. So then what's left to praise of this man?