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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fighting Both Sides

Not that Islamic terrorists in Bharat lack any sympathizers among the self-proclaimed intellectuals, the p-sec media, and socialists, but Jamia Milia Islamia is taking the phrase "fighting both sides" in the battle of Islamic terror to a whole new level.

After denying any links with any of the suspected terrorists arrested by the police for the Delhi bombings of September 13, Jamia Milia Islamia, the denominational university that neighbours the Jamia Nagar ghetto where the Indian Mujahideen module was based, has finally been forced to admit it was wrong. Having attacked the police for allegedly misleading the public, the Jamia administrators have grudgingly accepted that two of those arrested were students of the university. However, this acceptance has not come with cold horror or sober contrition. Rather, the Vice-Chancellor of the university has, with uncharacteristic bravado, decided to put the weight of Jamia -- as the institution is commonly known -- behind the terror suspects. He has committed the university to providing "legal help to the two students ... until they are proven guilty". [Pioneer]
Who needs to pay for that crude to support those Saudi princes who can then send some education funds to the favorite groups of al Qaeda, which then dispersers the funds to various terrorists groups such as LeT and those guys end up funding the terror groups such as SIMI and the so-called Indian Mujaheddins (those were 1-2-3-4-5 steps, at least). (Come to think of it, isn't this how monies are transferred among Catholic church groups to harvest dark souls - but that's a whole another topic.)

Here, all the school teacher, whose son was probably killed in any one of the various terrorist bomb blasts around the country initiated by people apparently-not-belonging-to-a-particular-community as the prime minister likes to say until recently, needs to do is to pay her taxes to the central government. Honourable Human Resource Development minister would then disperse the funds directly to JMI, ostensibly to develop a few human resources for the country's future, and it will fight the other side of terror by defending Islamic terrorists (those were 1-2 steps) - all to clear its good name.

It's nice to know JMI cares about its good name. So, just to be sure, will it refund the money taken from the school teacher's taxes if JMI is unable to clear its good name so that the honourable Human Resources Development minister can develop a few other resources for the country's future?


Anonymous said...

Tax payers are victim of terrors too. They are under no obligation to pay for the accused...

Indian Justice system takes care of those who can not defend selves in the court of law by providing them with legal assistance. Why has Jamia jumped the gun is not difficult to see through.

As I asked Rohit too, why does not the 'Human Right activists' many of them are lawyers too, fight for theses accused in courts- free of cost - and get justice? Why do these champions of Secularism shout in TV studios protesting against the convictions?

Jamia is setting up a dangerous trend and is solely responsible for blaming the whole Muslim community as terrorists by this single act.

And all this 'fighting both sides' is bloody Non-Sense. In war, your are either with us or against us. there are no middle grounds.