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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Americans Playing Double Game With Indian Terror Again

200 People Dead. Sorry, But We Are Not With You, Says US

Within a week of terror attacks in Mumbai, US is parroting its apparent front line ally against terror. The combined message comes from US and Pakistan. US barely even acknowledge terror against India. And General Mush on the same day says not talking to him on J&K is playing into terrorists’ hands. His Foreign Minister already said the terror will not stop until J&K is resolved according their satisfaction.

Manmohan is more than willing to oblige that talks will go on.

Chidanada Rajghatta reports for TOI:

Scepticism about New Delhi’s post-blasts policy ran so deeply in [Richard] Boucher that at one point, he suggested India may not be such a long-suffering victim of terrorism after all.

"The terrorists that we're fighting against have been fighting against Afghanistan, been fighting against Pakistan, been fighting against the United States, been fighting against Europeans, and maybe some of them fighting against India, as well," he said, almost grudgingly including India among the list of countries affected.

He also appeared to reject the Indian contention about the role of the Pakistani state or military-intelligence establishment in the blasts saying they (the perpetrators) were "obviously well-prepared by somebody with evil intent, by somebody with local knowledge, by somebody with -- or some group, some individuals, some people with a lot of planning and malice, so forth, you know, and a lot of knowledge."

Is this for real? Actually it has been US position for a long time that Indians don't face Islamic terror. And Pakistan is one of the good guys. And in a related(?) story, Pakistan dips into Tablian kiddy bank.

Pakistan arrests scores of Taliban in crackdown

Tue Jul 18, 8:11 AM ET

QUETTA, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan arrested scores of Taliban militants in raids overnight in the southwest province of Baluchistan, taking action that Afghanistan, the United States and NATO powers have long called for.

More than 150 Afghans were arrested during an operation ordered by the Baluch government in the past two days.

200 people dead - sorry but we are not with you, says US. This when Indian PM is hob-knobbing with US president in northern Russia.


Anonymous said...

Why blame americans blame yourself?
Just how have you hit back at the pakistani supported terrorism to india....
Its not just this government but all the previous governments.
Remember under the jansanghi it was jaswant singh who went along with the prisoner in the afghanistan hijack scenario....
The terrorist demand that a high level minister accompany the hostage for prisoner exchange and the 'tough right wing militant' bjp government complies....
See what israel does when 15 of its citizen die in rocket attack they hit back with a larger force and create more pain for the attackers.
they have already destroyed 40% of rocket launch sites and killed 400 of theirs in days...

Chandra said...


While agree with what you saying, if India does take action it will be well advised to have US on our side. In any case, because India does not want to take military action, it needs US backing even more for what ever little diplomatic action it wants to take.