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Sunday, December 07, 2008

How Islamic Terror is Linked to Islam, as a Religion

It's true vast majority of Muslims don't practice violence - they are like regular non-Muslims people. They see right and wrong. They enjoy beauty and art. They worry about their loved ones and care for humanity. But Islam as a religion provides authority to the nuts within Muslims to terrorize people of other religions. And, more importantly, regular Muslims generally haven't being fighting Muslim terrorists. Unless and until regular Muslims fight back their terrorizing coreligionists, the whole think will get really dicey, across the globe.

So when one says Muslims are by and large peace loving, it's true. Also when one says Islam is religion that sanctions terror, it's true. Both statements are true at the same. It doesn't mean Islam as religion has exclusivity over terror. Surely secular religions such as Communism and Fascism have a claim to terror. And it is surely true historically Christians also terrorized other religions and non-true Christians. But Christian religious terror has by and large ceased to exist (although non-christian soul harvesting continues full pace). Also, Hinduism doesn't do terror. It doesn't mean there is no evil amongst Hindus, but Hinduism as religion doesn't sponsor terrorizing non-Hindus for any purpose.

Here is an excellent scholarly video that explains why Islam as a religion can officially be used to terrorize non-Muslims. It's from a western perspective and is about hour and half (see around 53-54 minutes why September 11 is an important date; around 55-56 minutes to references to Hindu Holocaust that our pseudo-secular historians have tried to cover up or pass it off as recent divide and rule policy of British colonialism; the last 7-10 minutes shows the challenge India, and the non-Muslim world, faces) and is very informative.