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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Advani, The Reconciliator

I guess if Sonia had this meeting it would be covered by all TV channels all the time, but Advani is in a media so-called saffron box. Anything, supposedly bad he does will be covered but any actual good he does will be ignored. But the Urdu media covered it (captured as summary in English newspaper) - and they are not happy with any reconciliation.

After Advani enabled a meeting between Jewish groups and some Islamic groups on Feb 7, at his house.

The visit of some Jewish religious leaders to New Delhi and their meeting with some Muslim intellectuals and clerics at the residence of the Leader of Opposition L.K. Advani has given rise to a lot of criticism. New Delhi-based Hindustan Express on February 7, in its lead, named eminent Islamic scholars and businessmen and Imams who met at Advani’s home. This report led to statements issued by Jamaat-e-Islami and the Shahi Imam of the Fatehpuri Masjid who described such a meeting as “highly objectionable, in view of situation faced by Muslims the world over.” Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind described this meeting “as a plan for misleading Muslims” and said “the secret nature of this meeting is alarming.” Akhbar-e-Mashriq, Rashtriya Sahara, Hindustan Express and some other papers have written editorials criticising the meeting. In fact, some of those present there thought it necessary to “explain” their presence through statements and press conferences. [IE]


Chandra said...

Huh, poor Sikhism. Apparently it was born in the wrong punya bhumi. May we should consult the true historians who say most things in India are because of white man, you know Hilter's (or British imperial creationists) Aryans, and locals, those dravidians, were just waiting to the educated, such as, say, Prof Witzel to tell us what to do. He has western name - so he's probably a neutral, secular party. From Harvard? Even better. I am sure 50 other secular historians would sign his letter including plently of Sikhs who are not too sure why they should grow out their hair.

I guess it's time to update this table. Add another column for Sikhism - it too came from that lesser holy land. Can't listen to practioners; need secular validators.

Islam Judaism Christianity Hinduism
Organized community advocacy
groups lobbying for change? YES YES YES YES
Academics protesting against
community activism? NO NO NO YES
Empaneled hostile academics
as advisors? NO NO NO YES
Advocates of religion were
branded as “chauvinists”,
and “nationalists”? NO NO NO YES
Repeated scrutiny of edits
proposed by religious advocacy
groups? NO NO NO YES
Utilized secretive processes
in making final decisions? NO NO NO YES

At least CA teenage Sikh eight graders won't be humiliated in front of his utter understanding peers and run to his Mom asking to be converted to a Christian or a Muslim - those with historically accurate religions. Why? Our religion is not about what you said - satya meva jayate or about taking different paths to moksham. It's about beating up ones wife, or burning her on a pile of wood, and kicking a fellow man when he's down, and seeing monkeys everywhere. What? They didn't tell me about jihad, jaziya, killing kafirs, or 72 virgins in after-life. Well, it'd better be Christianity then - I may get luck in this life.

I guess that the multicultural world of secularists.

Chandra (a hindu name. Must be a Hindutavawadi.)