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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Chinese Story - Attacking Marxists?

Here's what I would call ironic.

Denial of service attacks originating from China are attacking www.marxists.org. Even though Mao ZeDong himself claimed to have been inspired to pursue his murderous revolution by Karl Marx and his writings, apparently the Chinese (not sure if it's the government or not) and the true marxist, Brian Basgen, who runs this web site, do not believe it.

While some might find it odd that the government created by Mao’s Communist Revolution would be behind an effort to deny access to the texts so important to its founding, Mr. Basgen said he did not. “It is ironic for people who don’t know what is going on in China,” he said. “The Chinese so-called Communist government has nothing to do with Communism. It has been going toward capitalism for a long time.”

How does Mr. Basgen know a true marxist?

And, to be strictly accurate, the Marxist archive does not even consider Mao a true Marxist. He is considered a “reference writer,” along with Adam Smith, Josef Stalin, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, among others. Mao failed a key question, Mr. Basgen said: “Did he serve to liberate working people?” [Link]

That would make for a pretty short list of marxists.