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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Learning Foreign Policy From Terror Organization

One would have thought Indian Communists parties have mended their ways after the collapse of Soviet Union - after leading a revolution against a nascent country, with the help of Soviets; after providing moral and diplomatic support to enemy nation when Chinese attacked India; and after engaging in anti-national activities for decades. Sure they continue to support Naxalites, who continued to ravage the country from Goa to Nepal. But their revolutionary stance has reduced in the past few years - at least that's what one would have thought.

But not so fast. Just when India is developing a clear partnership with Israel on defence issues and enhancing its relationship with US on nuclear, defence, and other areas, the communists are it again. Now they are taking foreign policy cues from a terrorist organization. Hizbollah, which acts as a state within a state in Lebanon and started a mini-war, all by itself, with Israel last year, with active funding Iran, is meeting with the Communists luminaries such as Prakash Karat and A.B. Bardhan, in, of all places, New Delhi. Ironically, the conference is called "International Conference on War, Imperialism and Resistance."

Ali Fayyad, a spokesperson for the Hizbollah, was present at New Delhi’s India International Centre on Monday and spoke on the West Asian crisis at the ‘International Conference on War, Imperialism and Resistance’, using the occasion to state the Hizbollah’s viewpoint.

So far, the conference has had a straightforward anti-Israel flavour with Indian speakers enthusiastically endorsing the stand against Israel, and the audience quick to applaud all anti-Israel sentiment and some tasteless humour at the expense of Israelis.

This comes at a time when US Ambassador Ronen Sen is talking to the American Israeli lobby about the closeness of India-Israel relationship and drumming up support for anti-terror policies in US. And when the official India-Israel Joint Working group is meeting in New Delhi. Commies are working against UPA - a marriage of convience. And the Congress I is apologizing for them once again.

But this being a ‘private’ occasion, no effort was made to restrict his entry. Chinmaya Gharekhan, the government’s special envoy on West Asia said, “I don’t think his (Fayyad’s) presence will embarrass the government. Besides India hasn’t banned the Hizbollah.”

How convenient.

As usual, JNU, communists hot-bed in India is organizing the Hizbollah conference in India.

JNU academic Kamal Mitra Chenoy, on the organising committee of the conference that has drawn speakers from across the Arab world, defended the presence of Fayyad...[IE]

Terror and treacherous activities just comes naturally to the communists. And this is one more example of communists and left-wingers all over the world actively supporting Islamic terrorists and terrorism. Islamic terrorists are doing - massacring innocent people by the thousands for their cause - what the red-bridge world over always wanted to but were never able to do.


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