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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Little China's Nandigram Killing Conspiracy Becomes Clearer

Earlier Gudem offered parallels between Bengal and China on how Bengal was able to keep absolute control over the state for three decades (more on this later) and is now following Chinese path to industrialization earning the moniker Little China. Now, more evidence, evidently ignored by mainstream media, comes out on how the police worked hand in glove with Commie party thugs to kill and maim demonstrators at Nandigram.

Evidence gathered by the CBI is believed to suggest that West Bengal Police acted in connivance with the CPI(M)'s 'Harmat Brigade', comprising Marxist cadre trained in hit-and-run tactics, during the March 14 violence that claimed at least 14 lives and left scores injured at Nandigram.

According to reports, the evidence suggests at least two senior IPS officials had held several meetings with a CPI(M) MP, an MLA and a zilla parishad member at the State Electricity Board guesthouse in Kolaghat where they chalked out the action plan. In order to keep the deliberations a closely guarded secret, even the District Superintendent of Police was not allowed to participate in the meetings, the last of which was held on March 13 evening.

Though CBI officials investigating the police firing have not gone on record, it is believed they have found evidence that shows Rs 50 lakh was sanctioned for the police operation. Part of the money was spent on procuring at least 50 mobile phones. Around 25,000 bullets were requisitioned.

The reports also suggest that one of the IPS officials had withdrawn to the Nandigram police station with 150 men after giving firing orders. The official subsequently feigned ignorance as to who ordered the firing. This official was in constant touch with the MP who, sources said, kept changing cell phones to converse with various persons. The politician could have used as many as 30 mobile phones, sources said.

Not only was the Chief Minister kept in the dark over what took place in Nandigram but policemen who carried out the firing were also briefed in a fuzzy manner as to what they were expected to do.

On how CPI(M) inducted outsiders for attacking the farmers, Trinamool Congress MLA from Egra Sishir Adhikary said, "The raiders came from Potashpur, Garbeta, Keshpur and Khejuri," all CPI(M) strongholds.[ Police connived with Marxist cadre - Daily Pioneer]

Over at IEB, I asked one Mousumi, a Bengali living in Bengal, in the comment section of a post regarding Nandigram, how CPM was able to retain control over the state for such a long time. His response mirrors exactly how Mao through Hu Jintao maintain control over the vast land of China. (There are also couple of party apologists comments on the same post. As usual, their fall back is lot of words with little substance and plenty of diversionary explanations.)

Everywhere they use their their cadres to win with the help of police.(Some days before in a school commitee election in Burdwan district police killed a teacher by firing with the help of CPM cadres.)In all these elections their workers judge who are against them and before the general election they drive them away from their locality ,or give them caution not to go to the polling booth.In West Bengal you will get no job without the character certificate of CPM.They let the poor people do some kind of corruption ,yes a very much interesting tactics,to get them loyal to them.They provoke them to do so.In each area there is a local commitee secretary i.e LCS and he is the lord of the locality,not police or any other govt. official, his is the final say and people are bound to go to him for any kind of problem. [Mousumi's comment]

There are party cadres in every state in the country working to enable their party to win - but they usually stay away from major economic, security, and non-political matters. Apparently not in Communist Bengal - true to ideology, party is everywhere. And the media has largely been silent on this tyranny for decades portraying Communists repeated wins as fair verdict from people of Bengal.