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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pollution for Mangoes? - Dumb Trade Deal

In March 2006, Madhur Jaffrey wrote in New York Times, after Bush signed a little covered trade deal to import Bharatiya mangoes, while making the big announcement about 123 nuclear deal with Manmohan, that by exchanging mangoes for apparent civil nuclear technology US got a better deal.

It's a short witty op-ed, in which Madhur describes her experience upon arriving from India at a US airport, when the customs authorities confiscated her precious cargo, which was apparently dangerous and illegal, and gave themselves a treat by eat the contraband, out of purview, few minutes later, which she accidentally saw (making her day even worse, I'd imagine).

Now it seems we are getting an even a rotter deal.

NEW DELHI, APRIL 13: As mangoes from Indian orchards get ready for shipment to the US, Harley Davidson will soon cruise on the roads here with the government relaxing emission norms for the American luxury bike.

“We will issue a notification on the import of bikes with an engine capacity of over 800cc lowering the emission norms from BS IV to BS III norms. This would facilitate import of Harley Davidson bikes,” commerce and industry minister Kamal Nath said...

Though bikes in India have to meet the Euro IV norms, premium 800 cc bikes like Harley Davidson are being been given a liberal treatment.[IE]

Importing extra pollution for sending out our sweet mangoes? Talk about bad trade deal. Where're the anti-globalizers when you really need them?