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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Response to Ugandan Riots a Good Precursor

PIO interests are India's interests

While the foreign minister is recouping from an accident, Anand Sharma, minister for state for external affairs, is following up on riots in Uganda targeting people of Indian Origin and their property. This is seemingly in contrast to India's response when PIOs in Fiji and in other nations are targeted.

Riots in Uganda reminds Indian's of the violent ethnic-ousting policies of Edi Amin. Uganda has long since moved on and has welcomed back former Ugandan PIOs to rebuild the country. Uganda government seems to be taking action after two days of riots and things seem to be returning normal. Uganda's well known president Yoweri Museveni is blaming opposition and foreign NGOs.

In Kampala, Uganda president Yoweri Museveni blamed political opposition and "foreign NGOs". "To attack, insult or damage the property of any Ugandan or guests of Uganda is something the government will not tolerate... Ugandans need 'foreigners' to develop our country. Nobody has a right to use violence against any other Ugandan or visitors to Uganda or their properties."

On Saturday, branches of Bank of Baroda, which had been closed for two days, were open. Many Indian shops opened as well, though an equal number were shut. A Swaminarayan temple was stoned, but not damaged.[TOI]

Whatever the reasons for the riots, response of MEA is hearting. Hope this type of response would be the precursor for any anti-Indian and anti-PIOs activities in any country, not just in Africa.


RS said...

I fully agree with you. Hope the govt seriously care about the PIOs in Fiji too.