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Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Sonia's Letter

No, not another one to Manmohan. This time Sonia writes to dear mamma - part Italian, part English - about the latest in her life as the boss of the country. She writes about UP elections, Rahul, Time magazine mention, and, of course, the stupid people of the country.

Figurati mamma, just imagine mamma, they have a very principe, prince, before them, and they go and vote for idiotas like Mulayamji and Kalyanji. Rahul, mamma, was simply splendido, outstanding, in this UP campaign. There he was, povero garzone, poor boy, in the caldo, heat, and polvere, dust, of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, for the last sei, six, weeks, trying to reach out to the cuore, heart, and mente, mind, of the great unwashed. He is simply splendido, born to governare, rule, no doubt. Tutti, everybody, thinks so, Mamma, tutti! [Mamma, Rahul was simply splendido!]