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Monday, May 21, 2007

Why We Need a Hard Ball Politican as PM

We know Manmohan is not a political man and is a man with no mandate. He can't play hardball with parties that support him - when DMK wanted divestment stopped in a PSU located in Tamil Nadu or threaten to withdraw support to UPA Manmohan duly complied, putting a stop to all divestments from PSUs, instead of issuing a counter threat to DMK that they depended on Congress I support in TN assembly.

Now apparently he can't even keep the country safe by appointing the right people, and no one is talking about competency here, to ministerial posts.

Manmohan Singh is perturbed by Karunanidhi’s insistence on the immediate appointment of Radhika Selvi as MoS in the home ministry in place of S. Reghupathy, who has been moved to the environment ministry. The Intelligence Bureau sent a note advising against Selvi getting the home portfolio. Selvi’s late husband Venkatesa Pannaiyar was a known history sheeter and don of Tuticorin. (Incidentally, earlier the IB had brought to light the fact that Reghupathy’s PA was in regular contact with a foreign woman diplomat. He was subsequently removed.)

The PM tried to put off Selvi’s appointment by suggesting that her induction could wait till the next time he expanded his team. A very annoyed Karunanidhi took the initiative and issued a government press release from Chennai announcing the time and date of Selvi’s swearing-in, although the PMO in Delhi knew nothing of the swearing-in. Karunanidhi eventually had his way. [Coomi Kapoor - IE]

Manmohan is always talked about in terms being a good man. Our country doesn't need good man running the country; what we need is a seasoned politician with a vision to push economic reforms through and making wise decisions about nation security issues. The good man is doing neither.