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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Communists and Their Betrayal - More Evidence

Don't expect treason charges for these desa drohis

On June 26, CIA has declassified it's secret reports up until early 1970s. By and large the three sets of reports (the non-Family Jewels) deal with evolving communist movement in Soviet Union and China. A few reports deal with how communist movement in India was impacted by the communists in Soviet Union and China. While it's common knowledge to most historians dealing with communism on how Indian communists were puppets to both Soviet Union and China, the CIA document reveals the inner working of Indian communists with regards to the movement's two extra-territorial bosses. Instead of playing off each other to gain from them, the dedicated Bharatiya communist slaves were slaving for both, leading to a split among themselves - the Marxists and Maoists, as is already known.

There are three 1963-64 reports (1950-59, 1959-61, 1961-62) in POLO series dealing with Indo-China war of 1962 with background from the 1950 onwards.

One 1962 report in the EASU series deals with our own communists directly and how the China-Soviet Union ideological split impacted our communists.

Obviously Indian intelligence and most non-communists political leaders like Nehru, Sardar, and Indira knew what was going on with communists movements during 1950-70s. Sardar wanted to stand up to them but died prematurely in 1950 before taking any action or creating a frame work for Nehru. Nehru knew about communists but thought he could control them, while appeasing China and Soviet Union, ended up failing miserably. Indira upended the communists by becoming one herself in all actions but her name.

Now the communists are part of the establishment supporting the so-called secular party. The latest revelation will do nothing to shake Sonia and Manmohan's confidence in their partners in power. It's highly unlikely that they will look into their partners past desa drohi activities, some of those leaders are still around, and bring treason charges against them. And the so-called secular media will be complicit, as always, with the communists with program titles such - Is this a conspiracy of CIA? or Is there any truth in the secret documents? with a pre-concluded judgment that communists are innocent, non-communal, India-loving people.

I hope we had well-funded independent (ie non-government) institutions that can bring treason charges by filing PILs with the Supreme Court - which is really the only last hope to bring these guys to account.