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Friday, June 29, 2007

One Wonders, What Does Media Drink?

This in Indian Express Editorial yesterday:

Left parties have, justifiably, prided themselves on two attributes: probity in public life and a secular, modern outlook that takes a particularly dim view of public religiosity....

All this may have been par for the course in parties far less scrupulous about their normative parameters. But for the comrades brought up on a diet of Marxian strictures against religion, it is important to be seen influencing the somewhat shambolic polity, given to capitalist corruption and irrational forces, for the better. [IE]

You have to wonder, what does our media drink?


Prudent Indian said...

"MorarJi Cola".
But the difference is this time it is straight from 10 Janpath. Unadulterated and pure with secretly genuine genetic formula.

Chandra said...

Morarji cola still in production? :)