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Friday, July 13, 2007

Aussie Defence Pact

With the Americans, Indian establishment would probably not call it a defence pact in order not to offend the socialists gatekeepers of the media and intellectuals. But cooperation between Pentagon and Indian military is robust - much more than with any country on the planet and surely much more than former ally Russian. And it goes beyound buying planes and gift of an old vintage troop mover. There are join exercises, training, and increasing interoperability of air and navy systems.

Of the Quad-quasi-alliance, following American foot steps, Australia now signed a defence pact.

New Delhi, July 11: In a sign of growing strategic relations between the two countries, India and Australia today signed a pact to increase military exchanges and share key intelligence data on terrorism and maritime security. Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson, who is on a two-day India visit to give an impetus to security ties between the countries, said that a legal framework has been worked out for cooperation on a range of issues, including counter-terrorism, during his talks with Indian Defence Minister A K Antony. [India, Australia sign defence pact - IE]

The Japanese are still finding their footing on their defence matters move from a defence agency to a defence ministry. A defence pact with them is unlikely until the Japanese sort out their internal issues. But we still have joint exercises and talk shops.

Although the Chinese have expressed their dismay, in their own Chinese diplomatic style, each country in the Quad have been bending over backwards to say that the Quad is not against the Chinese - it's just an alliance of liberal democracies. An alliance against an emerging authoritative capitalistic superpower, perhaps?

The Quad-quasi-alliance talk shop is looking more and more like an Quad-alliance.