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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Debate Over Rama Setu Reveals a More Fundamental Conspiracy

The eminent historian writes in the Hindu:

What is of interest to the historian is not the number of variant versions, which is impressively large, but why major changes were introduced into these.

This does not happen with the biographies of those who were known to be historical figures and who founded belief systems: the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad. Their biographies adhere largely to a single story-line and this helps to endorse the ‘official’ narrative of their life. Their existence is recorded in other sources as well that are not just narratives of their lives but have diverse associations. [The Hindu]

The high priest reveals what the debate is all about for historians like her and apparent secularists. It's not really about Rama Setu, but about Hinduism itself.

Their underlying theme is Hinduism is a false religion. That except for Hinduism all other religion are based facts. And falsified historic facts are used to prop up these claims.

This is no longer about Rama Setu or dredging project. It's about undermining Hinduism itself.

Arvind Neela offers an excellent rebuttal to the extremely dumb eminent historian's utterly stupid article.


kowsik said...

I didn't know earlier that Jesus was in Roman records ;) The rebuttal was very good, thanks for the link.