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Thursday, September 20, 2007

India's Relationship with Americas

Alex Sanchez, of Council of Hemispheric Studies, offers a decent summary of India' initiative in Americas - other than U.S. with special focus on budding India-Brazil relationship.

Latin America and the Caribbean are zones of interest to the world’s powerhouses, which means that India will have to push its way by other interested parties, like the European Union, Russia and China, aside from the U.S. in order to establish a serious presence on the continent. So far, it has made good progress towards this goal, but much is left to be done. What is clear is that Brazil will be the centerpiece of New Delhi’s geopolitical aspirations in the Western Hemisphere, due to common visions and or grandiose schemes like nuclear energy cooperation, shared interest in ethanol, and a mutual desire to be awarded a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Trade agreements, high-level diplomatic visits and growing investment projects signal New Delhi’s increasingly bulking presence on the continent, and exemplify the fact that India is here to stay....

Using a variety of strategies, from historical ties, to traditional trade, to sharing grandiose plans, India is becoming more and more a living presence in the Western Hemisphere. It still has a long way to go, however, before it becomes a household name among Latin Americans, but it certainly is on the right path. India’s relations with Cuba may perhaps annoy Washington, as well as its dealings with close U.S. neighbors (Canada and Mexico), which may also draw some unwanted attention, however, it is the India-Brazil alliance that should be gathering the bulk of Washington’s attention. [India Quiet Presence in Western Hemisphere - COHA]