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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Better Official Statement on Malaysian Tyranny

Here is what foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee said in the parliament as report in IE:

Making a suo motu statement regarding the Hindraf—Hindu Rights Action Force— demonstration in Malaysia, Mukherjee said the “Government remains deeply solicitous for the welfare of people of Indian origin living abroad”. He added, “As members are aware, there is a large community of people of Indian origin in Malaysia who are citizens of that country. We have friendly relations with Malaysia and we are in touch with the authorities there in the related matter.” [Govt in touch with Malaysia: Pranab - IE]

After this Malaysian foreign minister threw it back at Indian government saying that it's an internal matter of Malaysia.

Here is a clear and, not a half-way, statement:

"We are concerned about the way demonstrations by Hindu minority asking for greater freedoms were put down in Malaysia. We are concerned not only because the people whose demonstrations were put down by massive force are people of Indian Origin and Hindus, but because of humanitarian reasons.

While we know it is surely an internal matter of Malaysia and it should act according to its own sovereign laws, it matters to all nations concerned how Malaysia, being a major modern Muslim nation, treats its minority populations. Malaysia has a proud history of tolerance and on the forefront on promoting inter-religious dialogue and understanding. Malaysian actions will not only be an example Islamic nations around the global, but also to other nations that dealing with similar issues, such as India itself.

We take pride in our friendship with Malaysia and hope Malaysia would set an example of inclusiveness and become a model to the rest of the world."

This message, probably, delivered by MEA spokesperson would have been far more effective than Mukherjee's. And then MEA can work in the background to change the ways of Malaysian government when it dealing with minority rights.

Update - Dec 7: Dr. V. Suryanarayan writes, in The Hindu, an excellent primer on the miserable state of People of Indian Origin (PIOs) - here, people from subcontinent - since Malaysian independence from Britain.

As a leading member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Malaysian government has sharply criticised many governments for pursuing policies that have adversely affected the Muslim communities. UMNO and PAS, the two leading Malay parties, have on several occasions since independence criticised the policies of the Thai government, which has led to the alienation of the Malay minority in southern Thailand. Malay leaders have also criticised the government of Singapore for pursuing allegedly discriminatory policies against the Malay minority in the island. Malaysian official criticism of India, for intruding into its internal affairs, certainly sounds strange.[Malaysian Indians: a disadvantaged community - The Hindu]

Strange but not unique to Malaysian Islamic rulers. It's part of Islamic one way dialouge with other civilizations - we tell you what's right but don't tell us what's right, because we are Islamic and what we do is God approved and always right.