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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Guha's Book in His Own Words

Because I am slow reading, and read every word, unlike some fast readers, I am still slogging with India After Gandhi, a Ramachandra Guha's self-proclaimed opus. I am getting close to finishing it. Despite it's draw backs, more than nit-picks, it's a really good book on Bharatiya history since independence. It's more than a summary - it is a very well written, extremely compact - if not it, probably, would have been 1500 pages or longer - flows really well, and most people will probably finish it in a week or two.

In any case, here is Guha's take on his book followed by Q&A (the women who introduced him took forever herself). The event was at a small Indian Arts Gallery in New York City, I think.

(Unfortunately, an rtsp embedded link from RealPlayer doesn't work in blogspot.)