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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

General Musharraf Memoir Is, Apparently, Not Unique

In US, beyond the primary session and Obama fawning (okay, love-fest) by the American media, is news of fake memoirs - a Jewish girl living with a pack of wolves after her parents were killed by Nazis and a dope peddled life from South Central LA apparently are fake, but wait, they are reality to memoir writers!!

Pack of lies: It's been a bad week for memoirists, as two women who published accounts of incredible lives turned out to have lied. Misha Defonseca is not a Holocaust survivor raised by wolves but is actually Monique De Wael, a Belgian Catholic whose parents were indeed murdered by the Nazis. And Margaret Jones—er, Seltzer—did not spend her youth running drugs in South Central but at a private school in the well-off San Fernando Valley.[Slate]

General Musharraf is not alone in peddling his fictional memoir as fact to everyone - it's the latest "in" thing. While Nitin catagorized General Musharraf's memoir in fiction, here is something to ponder on where to put the fake, but real-to-me (won't that be surreal) memoirs:

Alex at the Museum of Hoaxes rolls his eyes at Defonseca's dud apologia that "This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving." Alex says: "This excuse is used so often that bookstores might soon have to start separating books into a third category: fiction, non-fiction, and non-fiction in a metaphorical sense."[Slate]