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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kiren Rijiju, MP of Arunachal Pradesh, Tries to Wake A Sleepy Nation

In a far ranging interview Kiren Rijiju, 36 year-old MP from Arunachal, speaks up on what the Chinese are doing on Arunachal's border and how the government and specially, the Army, covers it up:

The Chinese (intrusions) are happening in a slow, creeping manner. Inch by inch, the Chinese station their army personnel and bring equipment.

Is it the army or grazers?

Grazers are basically a camouflage because the terrain is very difficult. I am speaking of areas from eastern Arunachal (Walong) to the western part (Tawang). The public (and the government) only know of Chinese incursions if it happens in known places like Tawang. When incidents happen in more remote places, it does not come to the notice of the general public. The army keeps it secret. They won't let the people know what actually happened....

By not going [Manmohan Singh did not visit Tawang, the city claimed by Chinese, during his visit to Arunachal, soon after returning from an official visit to China], he has given some leverage to the Chinese who can say 'he has not gone to Tawang, because it is a disputed territory'. It is an acknowledgement that it is disputed, while in fact it is not. The PM's decision gives justification to Chinese claims and encourages them.[Rediff]

It's increasingly becoming apparent that Manmohan Singh was testing Bharatiya water - reaction of people to his action, by going to the state and not visiting Tawang. I wonder which idiots give advice to Manmohan on national security matters at MEA or National Security Advisory, but not much has changed since the utterly incompetent Nehru's defeat. Singh's actions are dangerous.

Shri Rijiju explains why Chinese actions are getting more notice by Bharatiya people, even as MEA itself is still very much obsessed with playing nice with US and attaining parity with Pakistan:

As a Member of Parliament, I have done enough, I have tried everything, but the response is not enough. Before I came to Parliament, my predecessors were silent. As you know Parliament is a very noisy place.

Usually people from the northeast are calm, gentle, but I am of a different breed. I speak, shout, come down to the well (of the House), I make my point. Now people know about Arunachal, but what the government does is another thing. They are too busy with political problems, which are not national problems. It is eating the mind of the leaders and the real issues remain unsolved, unattended.[Rediff]