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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Army Chief Blames Us When Chinese Attack?

There is trouble brewing on the Arunachal Pradesh's border with China. Soon after returning from Chinese trip, Manmohan went to visit Arunachal and said it is our land of rising sun - all though for some reason he didn't go to Tewang, the precise town Chinese claim. All was not well during the visit. Of course, Congress I, following Nehru's lead, assumes the problems will go away and would not share with the public any details of the negotiations or the situation at the border including the extent of Chinese incursions into Bharatiya soil. And now we have an Army Chief, who recently replaced an active and sensible General J.J. Singh, blaming India for Chinese incursions!!!

Manmohan Singh thinks he is a Nehru. He should beware of what he wishes for. He seems to have gotten an Army General in the mold of Gen. B.M. Kaul, who handed Nehru, and the country, a worst parajay with the Chinese.

Noting that there were different perception of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh, Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor has said India would be ‘as much blameworthy’ as the Chinese side for incursions on the two sides....

Asked whether Indian troops also incur into Chinese territory as often because of differences of perception about the LAC, the army chief replied: "that's right. Which they would call an incursion into their side. So, therefore, to that extent, we would be as much blameworthy for that kind of incursion up to our perceived LAC."

Kapoor dismissed media perception that Chinese incursion were a sign of muscle-flexing by Beijing indicating something worse to come. [IE]

First comes apologies for the situation, then comes excuses for the defeat - it's a script more common then we think.