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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Restoration Dept. of Archeology Style

Although there are some really smart and dedicated people working for it, the reputation of Department of Archeology, as most departments controlled by GOI, is probably well deserved, after one sees this:

The picture on the left shows a building at Panam Nagar near Sonargaon in Narayanganj before it was restored by the Department of Archaeology. Following the restoration and the paint job, right, much of the building's motifs have become obscure. A number of buildings at the archaeological site suffered the same fate. Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain - [The Daily Star]

Update: See comments. Dept of Archeology is Government of Bangladesh's creation, not GOI's.


Anonymous said...


This particular building is located in Bangladesh and GOI had nothing to do with the tampering. We are busy tampering our own heritage.

Chandra said...

JK, Thanks for correcting me. I have read about ASI doing this - white washing as restoration therapy. I thought it was a vivid example.

BTW, I should have dug up some more when the caption said Dept. of Archeology but not ASI...