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Friday, February 22, 2008

What Else - Corrupt Praising a Dictator

The oldest dictator apparently resigned. Fidel Castro came to power 50 years ago - he come to power when Nehru, another self-proclaimed indispensable leader, was still clinging to power in his third term, I think. Last time one heard, Cuba is still not heaven on earth - it's still the same miserable place for lot of Cubans. No matter. Fidel says he'll still have something to say about the new government which he handed over to his younger, by a few years, brother, to keep the revolution going!! Talk about revolution fervor and nepotism. I wonder what M.K. Gandhi would think about that.

Our own official Communist daily, The Hindu, at least the editorial section of it, has an op-ed praising the dictator. The article was written by the self-proclaimed doyen of Bharatiya Foreign Policy, K. Natwar Singh, apparently from the experience he gained when he wasn't sipping Saddam's corrupt oil which was meant to provide food and medicine to poor Iraqi children.

Mr. Castro is a most-admired, genuine friend of India. He is not just a very great man. He is a phenomenon. He has retired, but not out. May he live many more years. In his own way he has on, several occasions, set the time table of mankind. [The one and only Fidel - The Hindu]

Do these men have no shame?