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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flawed Debate on Revenge Terrorism

There is More to It Than Name Calling

The debate over arrest of at least two Hindus - the first arrested was, interestingly, a women, Pragya, and that too a sadhvi - who apparently planted bombs in Malegaon, is assuming proportions of silliness. Sure call them Hindu terrorists and condemn the violence. The police and their so-called anti-terrorism squads of various states are trying to piece together the puzzle of who is who and how they are connected. Apparently some worked for BJP or were with RSS or ABVP years ago. And that's the fodder for p-sec media tamasha.

What is missing from the debate and analysis is why this is a surprise. Islamic terrorists and their masters in the Land of Pure have been at this for 15 years since Mumbai terror bombings that killed over 200 people. Remember prior to those terror bombings the masters supplied weapons and ammunition to Muslim areas in Mumbai to kill any Hindus rioters that would have come that area. They wanted open riots and killing, something close to an open warfare, amongst Hindus and Muslims. And the terror bombings never stopped since. Now that Hindus are forming entities to make that a reality is somehow surprising? A normal sane country would have understood what the Islamic terrorists puppets and their masters are up to and pursued a twin strategy of taking out the masters while destroying the puppets. Instead all we got were denials year after year - one terror attack after another.

We were told a peace treaty over J&K with Pakistan apparently would somehow pacify the masters - as though negotiations and signatures on a piece of paper ever satisfied evil. Obfuscation and appeasement became the strategy for dealing with the in-house terrorist puppets. Everything was, and still is, being looked at from political and vote bank angle. As though the terrorists and their strategies would somehow stray to the vagaries of votes and democracy. Nehru's and Indira's socialism already created a entitlement culture, sense of oppression, and a class culture among many. Combine that with the appeasement politics of the past two decades (or longer) and one has to wonder how exactly is an Islamic terrorist satisfied?

Also, there is a parallel between what the Christian cult groups are doing to undermine Hinduism in the country and what the Islamic terrorists are up to. Formation of Hindu entities to undertake revenge terrorism purportedly against Islamic terrorism and against soul harvesting Christian cult groups is a logical outcome of the way the State of India works. That work ethics was, and continues to be, drawn from the way Nehru and his cronies functioned from day one of democratic India. The complete and utter disregard for anything Hindu - cultural, spiritual, social, and historic - and in its place trying to create a disgusting and contorted entity called a (pseudo) secular India. That experiment is about to fail because of its inherent contradiction and immorality it wants to impose on the vast majority of people of the country.

Revenge terrorism and anti-Christian cult actions are just a start. One has to remember that Hindus are normal human beings - they solve major societal and existential problems, such as invasions and civilizational destruction, by going to war. In fact, the entire religion of Hinduism is based on celebrating the victory of good over evil - not by appeasing evil or signing a peace treaty with evil, but by fighting it, every time, throughout its history. This is especially true when the State, that legally has the sole power to use force, is unwilling to deal with the cultural existential threat to the majority and hiding behind the banner of secularism. Gandhi's peace activities of the 1920s through 1940s were an aberration in Bharatiya history and the so-called peaceful transition, or independence, paid it's prize with partition of the newly independent land (with lakhs of people killed) and continuation of non-native British politics, policies, and law. There was never a clean break from the old imperial tyranny and the contorted morality of socialism imported from Britain.

With the State living in denial, that so called peaceful transition of 60 years, artificially propped up by socialism, seems to be coming to an end. And, as could be expected, the p-sec analysts, conditioned to think a certain way for decades, seem to be missing the big picture, again.