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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting Webcast of Chandrayaan 1

Chandrayaan 1 begins. Although the mission is not complete, the thought of actually doing the mission, putting the project together, and getting it done extremely fast is worth pondering about. If ISRO could manage such a complex task, why cannot other branches of the government - such as constructing a dam or highway project on time, or providing electricity to all villages or education to all children - work so well? Apparently people are capable but the system won't allow them to work.

PSLV - C11 on Launch Pad

But the launch of the boringly named rocket, PSLV - C11, was great. And mission amazing. Sure it's probably a duplication of what other countries did, but those countries don't want to show us how the wheel works. So we rebuilt the wheel and learn something from rebuilding the wheel.

Also the timing of the launch - one year after Japanese and Chinese launches (the Chinese already conducted few space walks) - says something about the future of Asia and how the three powers are evolving.

Finally, here is the strange webcast of the PSLV - C11 launch at ISRO site. Seeing that I am not sure I can complain about other government departments. Better and more advanced things yet to come if Chandrayaan 1 is a success.