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Friday, November 21, 2008

Incredible: We Have Ours, You Have Yours - We Are Even

Based on the master craftsman of the corrupt and incompetent Congress I's Veerappa Moily's incredible statements and how the secularists are predictably reacting to what BJP said in reaction to Moily, here is a plausible theory of recent events, however implausible it may sound.

They dug themselves into a deep pit by not acting when Islamic terrorists stuck repeatedly. They were, of course, calculating the marginal political cost of acting against terrorists. They had stuck down POTA, they had asked police and other law enforcement, where they could, to go easy on terror investigations, and they had Sachar Commission to buy out ordinary Muslims with sops and reservations and even offering first dibs at "all resources of the nation."

But the Islamic terrorists have their own mind. The terror didn't stop. It kept going at predictable intervals at populated locations - bombing by trains, cars, scooters, bikes, and cycles.

The terrorists loved killing innocent people by the hundreds. And watch the carnage along with psec debates and news thamsha on television while smoking and eating home delivery pizza.

Suddenly one of the law enforcement group made a breakthroughs, locates one of the terrorist cell, and goes to their residence with guns blazing. Islamists and their buddies in psec media screams bloody murder. More revelations come out on the extent of terror cells and how wide spread the disease is in the country.

Then comes the political heat from the opposition. It's getting really hot because people aren't buying their stories on Islamic terrorism anymore. And parliamentary elections are only few months away. Elections in various states showed none of the socialist welfare schemes seem to be working. What to do?

Former CM of Madhya Pradesh, a rising star in the party, has an idea! He has knowledge of ultra nationalists who tried to set off bombs when he was the CM in 2002. A plan was made to turn tables on opposition and neutralize terrorism as election issue. Which was the organization to carry out the plan forward - it has to be a state that is in their control and has to have a pliable head? Which media groups to engage? They have done this many times. Just give them leads and they will run with it.

The key to the plan is not to incur the marginal political cost - for themselves and their partners in crime in the cabinet and ministries few months from now. Have to keep those Muslims on their side. If the plan worked, there are plenty of idiot secularists and gullible Hindus who would have plausible doubt about Islamic terrorism thanks to the good work of the media. That would be enough of these people to push them over the finish line - five more years of power!

They have after all done this before.

Beleaguered Governments have made a habit of trying to bolster their electoral prospects through dirty tricks. In 1989, there was the elaborate attempt to discredit V P Singh through the discovery of fictitious accounts in St Kitts. Both the agencies and senior journalists were part of the plot. In 1996, there was the Jain hawala case which neither secured convictions nor won the Congress the election.
It might even work now!

It's worth a try. People have short memories - remember Indira's come back in lesser period than the emergency itself! The unchanged party that massacred thousands of Sikhs is now "the" secular party! Sometime it's easier then some people think.

And so the die is cast - the plan rolled out predictably, at least so far. Congress I reads its prepared remarks: we have our (Islamic) terrorists, you have yours'; we are even.

Depending on how many dumb idiots are around, and there are plenty, it just might work.