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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New ISI Military: Girl Soliders

Apparently the brave Islamic terrorists couldnot complete the task. Taking a leaf from al Qaeda's cowardly actions of using women in Iraq and in Afghanistan as terrorists, now ISI is training girls in terror activities at two sites in PoK.

Over 100 Pakistani girls are being trained in terrorist camps financed by ISI in PoK to carry out militant activities in Jammu and Kashmir, a woman arrested by the BSF along the LoC has revealed.

24-year-old Asiya Malik, wife of a Pakistani soldier, was arrested by the Border Security Force (BSF) at Dadil forward post along the Line of Control in Sunderbani belt of Rajouri district on Thursday, intelligence sources said.

During her interrogation, she revealed that Pakistani girls are being trained in handling of weapons, explosives, jungle warfare and sabotage activities in two militant training camps (MTCs) in Bhimber and Kotli areas across LoC in PoK, sources said.

While around 80 girls were being trained in Bhimber MTC, another 25 were at Kotli MTC, Asiya, who was also trained in Bhimber camp, revealed.

The girls will be sent in group of 10 to 12, she told the interrogators.

Asiya, whose husband Sajad Ahmed is a havildar in 129 unit of Nikial base army unit and her cousin Muzamil a militant commander of Lashker-e-Toiba (LeT), was tasked to conduct recce of LoC to find safe infiltration routes and security deployment pattern, the sources said.

She also told the interrogators that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was financing these training camps, where recruits come from various countries including Saudi Arabia.

According to Asiya, Pakistani army was backing infiltration in J&K from across LoC and Major Musa and another Pak army officer Talat visited the camps and LoC infiltration bases, sources claimed.

How would Bharatiya military, para-troops, border patrol fight these children? Imagine the field day the so-called human rights activities, pseudo-secular media, and every bogus activist will have if a few of these girls are killed while crossing from PoK or while engaged with battalion of soldiers or police! The cowardly ISI is, of course, at its devious best. But tough days are ahead if these children make it to J&K and beyond into the rest of the country to start killing and blowing up people.