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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beyond Wimpiness - Hypocrisy

Instead of learning from Israeli response to the kidnapping its soliders by Hamas in Gaza and by Hizbollah in Lebanon, Indian government wants Israel to stop bombing terror groups headquarters while not even pretending to condemn the unprovoked Hizbollah's rocket attacks into the port city of Haifa.

India also condemned the “excessive” military retaliation by Israel, but at the same time called for the immediate release of the two abducted Israeli soldiers.” Link

Based on Manmohan’s government’s non-response to the latest Mumbai terror carnage, we can call Indian wimpy.

But here comes the hypocrisy part. A day later, Manmohan’s Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran says, the PM would ask G8 to ask for a coordinated response to global terrorism.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to ask leaders of the G-8 countries to come out with 'cohesive' action and a 'credible strategy' to effectively combat global terrorism. Link

Indian government condemns Pakistan for supporting terrorists but we are friends with Iran that supports Hamas and Hizbollah and is now indirectly waging war (using Hizbulla) against Israel to shift the world focus from its nuclear weapons program.

Coordinated response. Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...


Very good post on the illogical decisions taken by India.

I guess its our past (where we took sides with russia during cold war ?) that is troubling us.