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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Prime Minister, Name Three Things You Did Since Last Attack

Information is pouring in on the nature and extent of carnage that terrorists unleashed on Mumbai commuters and theories (1, 2, 3, 4 - via Varnam) about who may be responsible. As I watch and read the usual Indian leaders in charge talking reading tough statements which sound awfully familiar, I was wondering what did Manmohan do in the past nine months since the Diwali attacks in Delhi market place?

So here is an open letter to prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Dear Prime Minister: I heard and read your statement, after the horrific killing of Mumbai commuters on July 11, 2006, that terrorism will be defeated and your government will 'fight and defeat the evil designs of terrorists'. The statement sounds remarkably similar to the statement you made before. It's the same statement you made when terrorists killed more than 60 people in Delhi's market place during Diwali season last year and the same statement I heard from you after terrorists stuck Varanasi in March of this year.

Your repeated, yet similar, statements after every terrorist attacks makes me wonder if you really believe in what you are saying. I am sure you do and I have no reason to doubt your sincerity. But then may be I do have reason to doubt your sincerity. I doubt it because I don't see any action following those words in your statements. May be I missed the quite action.

So please tell us, Prime Minister Manmohan, the three things that you did to tackle terrorism since you came into office in 2004, or say, since after Delhi attacks nine months ago.

1. What new laws did you pass to give our security forces more power to investigate and prosecute terrorists and terror cells?

2. How did you reorganize the internal security apparatus so that they can coordinate information and capabilities better?

3. How is our border more secure to intercept and stop terrorists from entering or contacting terrorist sympathizers in our country?

4. And finally, how did you improve our internal and external intelligence capabilities and coordination to track and kill or prosecute terrorists before they carry out their carnage?

We are bit weary of listening to your and your Home Minister’s reading of tough statements. Give us specifics on your anti-terror actions to make us believe you.

With Regards.

Update: The Acorn apparently noticed the same.


Sidhusaaheb said...

The points you have raised are quite pertinent.