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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Islam vs Islamism

Bill Moyer, an American journalist who usually does programs on faith, has a new series on American Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) in which he talks to western philosophers and novelists and non-fiction writers. Some were interesting, some not so. The series is mostly geared towards western audience with discussion primarily about Christianity and Islam and faith itself. I found one especially interesting - a conversation with Martin Amis, a British writer, who seems to be struck by reality after September 11 attacks. (I am not sure the rest of Europe still is.)

Martin talks about the difference between Islam as practiced during the past 500 years prior to the decline of Ottoman Empire after WWI - an open and modernizing religion and culture - and Islamism that is practiced now - essentially a role back of all the openness and modernizing effect of the prior 500 years. He talks about how the Islamic terrorists feel and justify their murdering activities especially referring to Mohammad Atta, the leader of September 11 attacks.

Martin declares that atheism is passé now and that at best he is an agnostic. And he recognizes that irreligious Europe has to deal with a tiny minority Islamists who have nothing but religion. It is very interesting conversation. Watch it here.



Hiren said...

"Religions are many, religion is one", whether islam or any other.

Chandra said...


Did you mean to say "...God is one". I couldn't agree more.

Muslims Against Sharia said...

Rejected by PBS:
"Islam vs. Islamism" - video