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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ease of Doing Business - Comparison

World Bank study on easy of doing business for 2006 is out. And India is still at the bottom of the pile. The report is aptly named as Doing Business in 2006: Creating Jobs. Link

Here is comparison between #116 India and #1 New Zealand. The differences are obvious. While there many economic factors that impact employment, ease of doing business - starting a new business, closing a failed business, cost and ease of hiring and firing, and trading across borders - has a direct impact on job creation in a economy. And India is moving a glacial pace with even the talk of reform shut out recently. Expect no change in any of these factors for three more years until a new government comes in.

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The Black Mamba said...

just noticed you have linked to poi-tre (audiopoetry.wordpress.com) . thank you.

would you like to contribute something in Telugu :)

Bala Girisaballa said...

Great post. I quickly glanced through the report, there is a lot of information - I hope some one in commerce ministry is looking at this. Particularly, China is way ahead of india..

Chandra said...

Commerce ministry has role, but it's mostly all ministries. The file has to move through lots of them - no wonder it takes so long to start, and more importantly close, a business.