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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Saudi NRI Funded Mumbai Blasts

TOI reports anti-terror squad officials’ investigation revealed that Saudi based NRI funneled Rs. 1.2 Crores to recruit, practice, and bomb Mumbai commuter trains that killed 200 people on July 11, 2006.

The 53 that were killed at Gateway of India and Mumbadevi bomb explosions were also part of the same program. LeT, official terror group of Pak's Army and ISI, used local Muslim group, SIMI, to plan and implement the Mumbai carnage.

"The modus was simple. The planters waited for the chief co-ordinator to give a bag and a 'go-ahead' signal following which they walked up to a platform and boarded a train. While one went in and kept the bag, the others provided a camouflage.

The trio got down just as the train left the platform and returned to the subway, where they picked up the next bag. Four bags were planted on platforms 3 and 4 and three on platforms 1 and 2. The four then escaped from the subway, police said."

I am sure Manmohan and Shivraj Patil has something to say about this.


Sharan Sharma said...

> am sure Manmohan and Shivraj Patil has something to say about this.

No, please! We don't want them to say anything! Especially Shivraj. I'm sick of him speaking. Like here:


(have split the url here into two lines - don't know how to properly wrap it otherwise)

It's a serious loss of morale to any Indian hearing him. Or even Dr. Singh.