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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Latest Chinese Export!

Can you tell which one is fake by looking at them?

Well the bottom one is $640 a bottle real Italian red and the top one is $100 a bottle fake Chinese red. Everything of the top one is fake - the bottle, the label, and the wine.

But here is the kicker...

"Claudio Gufoni, a 59-year-old wine enthusiast who lives in Santa Croce sull'Arno, east of Pisa, was the client who was duped into buying more than 100 bottles of the bogus Sassicaia. Although prosecutors confiscated most of his fake bottles as evidence, a few were left behind. Mr. Gufoni says he now serves them to unsuspecting guests: "No one has noticed the difference." WSJ (Subscription required)

Isn't that the dirty little secret of Robert Parker's world. Not many people can actually tell the difference between wines (at least the decent ones!). It's all in your head (or is it your mouth)?


Alex said...

Its difficult to differentiate between the spurious and the originale, as long as the differences are miniscule.

It depends on what the consumer is looking for, the taste or the authenticity.

Grat post!:)

Chandra said...

I agree. It is hard say which one is better one if both are good wines. But then I doubt the Chinese make good wine – at least not yet. When you are spending $600 on bottle it better be about authenticity (and a bit show off)!