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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anything For A Few Votes - Even Treachery

The second flank of terror is in full operation. While India is slowing getting the courage to face up to Pak's terror infrastructure and with US and EU breathing down Pak's neck, with US and its coalition forces in Afghan, Pak is slowing migrating its terror infrastructure and resurrecting its old pre-1971 contacts with Bangladesh. It's like Pak hegemony in Bangladesh never ended. I am not even sure why India helped Bangladesh escape Pak gulag.

It's fairly well know that Islamic groups are gaining a foothold on Bangladesh economy, polity, and intelligence with threats and murders of secular opponents. The role of Bangladesh intelligence, Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), in building terror infrastructure and in more recent terror attacks including Mumbai train bombing, in July 2006, and Varanasi temples bombing, in March 2006, is getting clearer by the day.

Praveen Swami, of The Hindu, reported after Varanasi bombing in March 2006 about the Bangladesh connection.

Now we learn instead of ULFA being captive in Bangladesh, like our NSA M.K. Narayanan would have us believe, it is actually living the high life (via Acorn). I guess Manmohan will not be able to pursue his talks agenda with ULFA, even after the recent killings of more than 80 Biharis which drove them out of Assam, if Narayanan acknowledges that ULFA is actually pretty well established in Bangladesh and working hand in glove with the local Islamists parties, international terror groups like LeT, ISI, and DGFI.

Maloy Krishna Dhar, former director of IB, writes in Rediff on how closely these various factions are integrated against India.

But we are still hesitant to take any step to curtail ULFA and going after Bangladesh for aiding and abetting terrorists. Sudheendra Kulkarni, in a three-part-column, provides the reasons why Manmohan and his Congress party is lying to Indian people about Assam.

....how Dr Manmohan Singh challenged information about Bangladeshi infiltrators presented by his own ministerial colleague. On July 15, 2004, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shreeprakash Jaiswal stated in Rajya Sabha that “1,20,53,950 illegal Bangladeshi migrants were residing in 17 states and Union territories as on 31 December, 2001.” He disclosed that 50 lakh Bangladeshis were residing in Assam. The prime minister happened to be in Guwahati the next day. There he faced a vociferous protest from Assam’s worried Congress Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. The worry was: “What will happen to our party in the 2006 Assembly elections?” The politician in Manmohan Singh understood what the honest patriot in him must have certainly loathed. He publicly stated that he doubted the veracity of the statistics provided by Jaiswal. A week later, the worthy MoS told Parliament that the information provided by his own ministry about Bangladeshi infiltrators “is unreliable and based on hearsay.” [Link]

For a few more votes - is there another word for what Manmohan is doing?