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Friday, January 26, 2007

Won't That Be A Wonderful Republic Day Gift

Isn't time to pull back on the military showmanship during the grand parade - the missiles and tanks belong in the barracks or on the front line, pull back the VIPs and VVIPs, and let ordinary people join in to enjoy their constitutional freedoms?

Isn't it time to turn Republic Day into a day of freedom - from outside tyranny and from our own government?

And isn't time for our Prime Minister to get rid of Schedule 9 - get rid of the unconstitutional trampling on individuals fundamental rights and economic rights once and for all - and appease all Indians, instead of this or that minority, for a change? Won't that be a wonderful Republic Day gift for the republic's people!

That would be the Republic Day to celebrate with full heart.

Happy Republic Day.


Apun Ka Desh said...

What you say is what should really happen. But it won't because even if a PM moots this idea - for the sheer pleasure of opposing him - there will be PILs, dharnas in the name of Nationalism, Indianness.. one party will accuse another for playing with India's legacy, past .. what not.

India is a Tiger, Caged by its Politicians.

Chandra said...

I agree.