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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shouldn't That Causeway Be A National Monument?

But I forget. We are secularists.

The much touted Sethusamudram project undertaken by Indian Navy, to reduce distance between eastern and western commands, is now being challenged by Hindu believers.

The causeway that Lord Raama build to get his beloved Sita back from the Lanka raakshasa Raavana using his Vanara Sena is to be destroyed by the project. Indian Navy wants to dredge the submerged land between Indian southern peninsula and Sri Lanka breaking up the causeway.

NASA's enlargeable satellite pictures of bridge (I couldn't find the best one I have seen) is here and here. NASA calls it Adam's bridge!

(Click to Enlarge)

Swami Omkarananda, of Chidbavananda Ashram in Theni, and D. Kuppuramu, the village panchayat president, filed a lawsuit to stop the destruction of the causeway because of religious significance. May be they have India's Tourism Department on their side? Add the causeway to the Mahabharat Circuit.

Expect the so-called secularists to propose more dumb theories on how the submerged causeway was formed (probably something to do with currently reinvented benevolent, but formerly murderous barbarian, Babar), - and propose that even if the bridge was built as Sage Vaalmiki described in Ramayana, it was so long ago, and that we should had over the land to secularists so that they can built a hospital for the poor (they are not too keen on Indian military expansion anyway) - yes, in the middle of the sea!

Also, enjoy the sneerings of the rationalists and atheists.


multisubj yb said...

Have you read Valmiki Ramayana in full? Are you sure that Lanka is Sri Lanka? www.ramayanayb.blogspot.com

Chandra said...

multisubj yb,

I saw your site and it surely is interesting.

While I am not an expert on Ramayana by any stretch of imagination, based on Maharishi Vaalmiki's accounts, Lord Rama did move towards the southern peninsula looking for Sita - crossing southern rivers and forests. I don't know of any landmass that is near Bharata in the surrounding seas that can be reached using a causeway. It follows from the flow of the story that Sri Lanka is Lanka.

I guess that's the extent of my argument.