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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Communal Mindset Shows

One can guess from the support Shivraj Patil is getting from the leftist Congress I, that the leaders of that party looks at the issue of putting to death a murderous terrorist, who brazenly attacked the Parliament building, when it was in full session, as part of their Muslim appeasement policy.

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil has drawn a curious parallel between Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, an Indian in an Indian jail, and Sarabjit Singh, an Indian in a Pakistani jail. Calling for Afzal Guru’s death, he said, doesn’t go with demanding clemency for Sarbajit.

The taxi driver for the maharani (one called her "Great White Queen"!), whose other job is to be the Home Minister of the country, says he was misquoted. But he doesn't say what he actually meant.

If ever there was a case where Congress I can claim it does not have policy of Muslim appeasement, hanging Afzal Guru could have been it. He had the best ultra-left wingers and terrorist sympathizers defending him at every level of the judicial process. But the case was too tight and Supreme Court won't have any of the bogus arguments of the leftists. The terrorist could have be hung years ago, for good reason, and non-Muslims who always wanted to give the dynastic party the benefit of doubt would have been satisfied.

But the Muslim appeasement agenda is intertwined into communal Congress I DNA. It never could calculate what the downside of hanging a Islamic terrorist would be - doing the right thing was, of course, far from its mind. What would vocal left-wingers, it's core base, say; what would desi Muslims think? It's better to keep the hanging in suspension and let the BJP take the rap for it at a later time, when they hang the terrorist. It probably never occurred to the appeasing party that may be the vast majority of desi Muslims won't care if a terrorist is hanged, as long as he had the due process of justice. May be it's too much to expect that desi Muslims, just like any other group in the country, as the recent OBC reservation debate has revealed, would actually be offended that the appeasing party would be calculating the impacting of punishing a terrorist on its pro-Muslim agenda.

So there is no outcry, by the media or left-wing intellectuals, that the communal Congress I considers all desi Muslims as, apparently, Pakistani Muslims and somehow action on a Muslim has to be compensated by a similar action on a Hindu. But one can imagine the venom of the media, and their brothers in arms - those so called human rights activists, that would be spewed on BJP if it were to suggest the same in reverse.


Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

best part is...where india is openly and officially trying to save sarabjeet, i dnt think pakistan has even claimed tht guru is his citizen and shud b saved....patil's statement was so typical of shameless appeasement politics.