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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tap Of Official LoP Terror Already On?

There were two attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir within a week, especially under the cover of Land of Pure's army. Our own normally clue less prime minister says he is worried about unprovoked LoP army firing across POK border.

We were told by practically everyone, including the official and unofficial pundits, in the east (mainly because the west said so) and the west, that somehow elections and democracy in LoP will be cure all at removing the fountain head of terrorism in that land. Apparently not.

Praveen Swami reports in The Hindu that that apparent secular, pro-U.S. replacement of Gen. Musharraf, Chief of Army Gen. Kayani is working to patch up any ill will with the jihadis working on the east front fighting Bharatiya Army and, apparently the western front fighting the Afghan, U.S., and NATO Armies. As the so called national collation of parties and government breaks up in LoP, keeping those newly elected democrats busy, from fighting terror of course, we should be bracing for more terror attacks on our side of the border.

By reopening lines of communication with jihadists, General Kayani is signalling to his rank and file that he is responsive to these concerns — and placating Islamist officers hostile to President Musharraf.

So now we are back to the old days of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif leadership. Two power centers in LoP, each pointing at each other and not stopping terror infiltration and jihadi groups operating within its border. Desi negotiators will deal with elected, but powerless, democrates and nothing will happen until another coup, may in another decade in the LoP to put down jihadis.