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Saturday, May 17, 2008

That Email Is Serious

Despite official and unofficial analysts trying to poke holes into the email that became public soon after Jaipur terror attacks, claiming to be the perpetrators of those attacks, Praveen Swami says we should take it seriously. Bad spellings and unrefined English language should not distract the email for what it is - a declaration of war on Hindus and the country. The authors of the email already claim responsibility for three terror attacks - none of them suicide bombings and each one performed with simple mechanism with local devices with deadly consequences.

It would be misleading, though, to understand the e-mail only as a claim of responsibility. Like a similar document issued by the Indian Mujahideen after the bombings of three trial-court buildings in Uttar Pradesh last year, the e-mail is — despite its crude style and poor spelling — a political manifesto.

According to the authors of the e-mail, the bombings were carried out to meet two purposes: first, to “blow part your tourism structure” and, second, to “demolish your faith in the dirty mud, in the name of Hanuman, Sita [and] Ram”.

Could there be more clearer message?

In a previous post, I said that the terrorists apparently didn't listen to recent Deobandi call for stopping terrorism. They did and had this to say to them:

Describing the clerics as “dogs,” a “bunch of cowards”, “puppets of Hinduism” and “ullema-e-Kuffar”, or the disbeliever’s clergy, the e-mail interrogates “what terrorism is all about and who is a terrorist”. Who, it asks, are the terrorists: the “Hindus who killed the Muslims in Gujarat [and] Maharashtra or us who took revenge [qisas] through serial blast in Mumbai local trains?”

Citing from the Koran and the Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet, the Indian Mujahideen argues its actions have theological legitimacy. Scriptural calls for forgiveness relied on by the Deoband clerics, it says, are only relevant after a decisive military victory. Dialogue, it continues, is futile: “there is no existence of compromise between a believer and a non-believer.”

Sri Swami speculates the organization could be the banned terror supporting group SIMI.

It's in our interest and in the interest of the people who died in these horrible terror attacks to take the message in the email seriously and act upon it - track down, kill or bring justice the perpetrators of terror on ordinary people.