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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back to Old Script, And the Movie Replays

One thing to understand is US doesn't care about any nation other than US. Even if it does, it has to matter to US at least in a secondary way.

So US Secretary of State Condi Rice makes her way to India to pacify the already pacifist Nandi prime minister Manmohan. A day before, the recent presidential candidate John McCain stopped by New Delhi, because he was in Bangladesh on an unrelated matter, to pacify the establishment, "India and Paki are in this together," he says - whatever that means.

Also Shiv Shanker Menon, Foreign secretary, is in US to talk to the new US president Obama and his team, and get access to better intelligence that NSA and CIA may have. I am almost positive he's getting the run around in Washington, because evidence that US provides to India will only bolster India's case, which the Americans do not want to do. Because they have a different, and to them - a more important role, for Pakistan. The Americans cannot have Pakistan stop doing what ever little they are doing on the western border fighting the Taliban and al qaeda types.

Reading the tea leaves, Pakistan PM Zardari backs off from any encouraging statements he made earlier of sending ISI chief to Delhi to answer questions or of joint investigation, and goes back to an old Pakistani script.

Zadari also suggested no one found to be involved would be turned over to India.

"If we had the proof, we would try them in our courts, we would try them in our land and we would sentence them," he said.
So India falls for the Americans again, looking for its approval in doing things it should be doing on its own.

It's an old movie which keeps on playing.


Photonman said...

Indeed. Quite pathetic.

But then even if punitive action is being planned we can never expect to hear about it in public, at least not before the deed is done...

So how does one know what these guys are up to - *before* their act, that is? JMT...

Chandra said...

By "these guys", do you mean to say Manmohan and Mukherjee?

I seriously doubt they will act. Although we complain bitterly, we always melt when American stake is involved.

Photonman said...

Yes. I did mean Manmohan Singh/Pranab.

'Although we complain bitterly, we always melt when American stake is involved.'

I agree this has happened all this while, and could happen this time as well.

But there are some factors that make the present time interesting: India's substantial presence in Afghanistan, changed Indian military strategy to fight limited conflicts ("cold start") and the US in the middle of a presidential transition, and along with Europe coping in a bad recession...

Chandra said...

I was reading in some story earlier that apparently John McCain sensed the bitterness when he was talking Manmohan.

I'd really be amazed if India send troops across the border. I think it would be better to make an open announcement that we'll target terror camps and start missile strikes - starting with LeT adda in Muzaffarabad, and hit various terror camps in PoJ&K and keep the option open that we'll strike if new ones come up.

In fact we should do that by asking US to start attacking the terror camps on LoPs western border, if Pakistan moves troops to the east. To me, that would be best outcome - we bomb the eastern camps, US takes out western camps and, who knows, may be capture Osama and others in the process.

That should be the joint squeeze to drastically reduce the menace for a few decades. Although I doubt US will go for it.