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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

US Buying Weapons - A Win-Win Proposition

Bret Stephens, of WSJ, thinks US should buy Pakistan's nuclear weapons while providing an umbrella to the country against Bharat.

This is the deal I have in mind. The government of Pakistan would verifiably eliminate its entire nuclear stockpile and the industrial base that sustains it. In exchange, the U.S. and other Western donors would agree to a $100 billion economic package, administered by an independent authority and disbursed over 10 years, on condition that Pakistan remain a democratic and secular state (no military rulers; no Sharia law). It would supplement that package with military aid similar to what the U.S. provides Israel: F-35 fighters, M-1 tanks, Apache helicopters. The U.S. would also extend its nuclear umbrella to Pakistan, just as Hillary Clinton now proposes to do for Israel.
Nitin, at Acorn, thinks it won't happen because Pakiland is milking the weapons for all their worth, monetarily and geopolitically.
Because it can get the same money by keeping the nuclear weapons—by playing up the risk of these weapons falling into the hands of rogues and terrorists in case of widespread turmoil. So why sell the goose that lays the golden eggs? And we are not even talking about whether the ordinary and the elite would accede to a trade-in deal.
At first glance one would probably agree with Nitin and wonder what was Sri Stephens thinking. But more one thinks about it, it is actually a great deal - for Pakiland and its elites.

As basic finance says, a rupee is worth more now than a rupee next week, why doesn't Pakiland hand over the weapons to America for $100billion (may be haggle for a few free items - a dozen fighter jets and a few tanks to keep the talking heads on their side) and then start rebuilding the weapon system over a decade or so with Chinese help, as they did the first time. This way the elites can divide the monies now. Who knows where Zardari or Kalyani will be in 5-6 years from now to continue drawing the trickle that keeps coming from Washington or Beijing.

Of course, the Chinese will have to play long, which I am sure they will as they always have. Meanwhile, Pakiland will have a guaranteed American umbrella (come to think of it, Pakiland bombs may apparently be newer then America's) against Bharat and they can continue with their Islamic terror and death and destruction.

I think the proposition is a win-win for Pakiland.


Photonman said...


I am not sure it will be easy for Pakistan to get back nukes once it loses them - obviously this possibility will be factored into any strategy.

From Pakistan's point of view, I think a nuclear umbrella given by a sovereign nation is no substitute for having ownership of the real thing. Can Pakistan really force the US to use nukes on India to prevent Pakistan's dismemberment? What's more, their nukes allow the Pakis to freely export their jihad without any unwanted paybacks!

Chandra said...

True. But it's one for Pakiland to think about it. And they have done these type of calculations all the time and seem to get away with it for decades.

Also, because of our own no first use policy and no weapons on non-weapon state, Pakiland can do what ever it wants as long as there is some semblance of guarantee not only from US, but China too. If something like this deal remotely happens, Pakiland doesn't have to worry about talking heads in Bharat, but US itself. US will be free to act to do what it wants if weapons are removed. So, I think, the weapons are an insurance against US moves, more than against us.

One can't sell counter-insurance (or swap) to the insurer itself and expect insurance when in trouble.